Sewage waters (effluent) that come as a result of performance of many grain and beans processing plants, dairy milk and meat processing factories, meat-and-bone meal tankage industries, are divided into:

  • biological,
  • chemical,
  • thermal.
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Installation of waste water treatment plants

ORGANIKA - ENGINEERING offers classic methods of food industry wastewater treatment:

  • mechanical,
  • chemical,
  • biological,
  • preparation for industrial processes of water: artesian, surface (ponds, rivers, seas), as well as water returned through recycling, that is, purification of own wastewater.

But the most popular are new technologies of filtration of food industry effluents in EU:

  • microfiltration,
  • ultrafiltration,
  • nanofiltration.

They are types of baromembrane processes, in which a flow of water or a process solution under a certain pressure and under conditions, due to the difference in molecular structure, is forced through the membrane. As a result of such treatment, it is possible to achieve wastewater treatment, depending on the customer's request, to the level of distilled water.

Design and installation of a wastewater treatment system in Europe from Organika Engineering

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