ORGANIKA ENGINEERING provides full variety of services in technological processing:

  • Grains (corn, wheat, barley, rye, triticale, millet);
  • Root crops (manioc, topinambur, potato, sugar beet);
  • Sugar molasses

into alcohol rectificate, bioethanol, industrial alcohol of various modifications.

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ORGANIKA ENGINEERING experts shall provide engineering services in terms of development of most up-to-date technologies: complex grain processing, non-waste DDGS production, as well as in the field of distillery and rectification production of high-quality alcohol at the level of “Tears of Wheat” and “Alfa” alcohol.

ORGANIKA ENGINEERING experts shall provide engineering services for implementation of the most effective energy saving processing methods into ethanol production.

ORGANIKA ENGINEERING experts shall provide computer-aided process control (ACS), and remote control over production process. ORGANIKA ENGINEERING experts shall provide your company with self-designed modern ERP system (Enterprise Resource Management System), they shall adapt it according to specific characteristics and needs of your business, what shall have a high-grade impact on managerial accounting and control.

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The only all-inclusive COMPLEX approach to the treatment of any industrial effluents in Ukraine.
The cost of services is economically advantageous in comparison with the cost of similar works carried out by competitors from Europe.
Conducting preliminary research and engineering with its own pilot equipment.
15 years of experience in these areas.
Use of the latest technologies based on NON-biological cleaning methods.
Installation of equipment and engineering solutions in the most compact area.