ORGANIKA – ENGINEERING is established on the base of productive and engineering departments of LLC “ORGANIKA”, involving leading experts in processing and food industry who specialize in execution of technological projects in the area of reconstruction, modernization and construction of modern industrial facilities:

  • grain processing and grits production;
  • distillery, distillate production, bioethanol, DDGS production;
  • starch and molasses industries;

The Group has the experience in concentration of liquids and effluent treatment in diverse fields of technological processing based on baromembrane filtration process. We design and provide facilities of maintenance and operation with automatic systems and highly intelligent software. We also implement electronic data business management systems.

Why choose us?
The only all-inclusive COMPLEX approach to the treatment of any industrial effluents in Ukraine.
The cost of services is economically advantageous in comparison with the cost of similar works carried out by competitors from Europe.
Conducting preliminary research and engineering with its own pilot equipment.
15 years of experience in these areas.
Use of the latest technologies based on NON-biological cleaning methods.
Installation of equipment and engineering solutions in the most compact area.