Organika Engineering - is a company that provides construction
and modernization of industrial enterprises.

We shall help you to:

  • Design and implement projects on reconstruction and construction of plants
  • Design and manufacture equipment and integral equipment lines in accordance with customer's technical design specifications
  • Readjust a wastewater treatment system, using baromembrane treatment methods, in doing so you get clean water to return to the technological process.
  • Automate the control of technological production processes.
  • Optimize production processes and energy consumption, as well as reduce the negative impact on the environment by 90%.
More about the company
Why choose us?
The only all-inclusive COMPLEX approach to the treatment of any industrial effluents in Ukraine.
The cost of services is economically advantageous in comparison with the cost of similar works carried out by competitors from Europe.
Conducting preliminary research and engineering with its own pilot equipment.
15 years of experience in these areas.
Use of the latest technologies based on NON-biological cleaning methods.
Installation of equipment and engineering solutions in the most compact area.
What can we do for you?
We specialize in:

implementation of technological projects in the field of reconstruction, modernization and construction of modern industrial facilities:

We implement water and industrial wastewater treatment systems for the following enterprises

  • distilleries, bioethanol production, breweries
  • enterprises of food and processing industry (meat processing plants, starch and starch-molasses production, oil and fat industry, milk processing plants)

One of the latest developments in assembling workshop of LLC Organika: Line for filtration of waste water with regeneration of water into technological run, designed for an enterprise of processing industry in EU. Final tests, CE certification, preparation for shipment.

Technologies we use