ORGANIKA ENGINEERING provides services for concentration of syrups and effluent treatment in starch-molasses production:

  • Potato processing needs relevant treatment of potato (fruit) sap and rinse waters;
  • Grains with high starch content: rice, corn, sorghum;
  • Grains with low starch content: wheat, rye, triticale, barley;
  • And root crops potato and subtropical manioc.
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Baromembrane technologies make their first steps in these fields of production. That’s why ORGANIKA ENGINEERING actually applies these technologies in our production processes, and it makes a remarkable economic effect, returns technological discharge waters after treatment back to production run, and that undoubtedly improves ecology and saves water.

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The only all-inclusive COMPLEX approach to the treatment of any industrial effluents in Ukraine.
The cost of services is economically advantageous in comparison with the cost of similar works carried out by competitors from Europe.
Conducting preliminary research and engineering with its own pilot equipment.
15 years of experience in these areas.
Use of the latest technologies based on NON-biological cleaning methods.
Installation of equipment and engineering solutions in the most compact area.