Engineering company “ORGANIKA ENGINEERING” develops projects of hardware design and plant engineering at any projecting stage; feasibility study, cost-benefit analysis, schematic design, projecting, detailed design, engineering drawings. We offer restructuring and engineering for enterprises, and up-grade modification for separate operation processes:

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  • Development of energy-saving projects;
  • Technological projecting;
  • Processing equipment design engineering;
  • Projecting for automatic control system of technological process;
  • Design for cogeneration and trigeneration cycles and plants;
  • Design for cycles and plants for water and effluent treatment;
  • General planning and transportation design;
  • Development of architectural and civil solutions;
  • Development of solutions for establishment of utility networks;
  • Development of solutions for construction arrangements;
  • Development of solutions for consumption and saving of water resources and their recycling to operation run;
  • Development of solutions for natural environment protection;
  • Settling cost estimation documents.

Project documentation development is executed by “ORGANIKA ENGINEERING” experts subject to all current codes and standards.

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The only all-inclusive COMPLEX approach to the treatment of any industrial effluents in Ukraine.
The cost of services is economically advantageous in comparison with the cost of similar works carried out by competitors from Europe.
Conducting preliminary research and engineering with its own pilot equipment.
15 years of experience in these areas.
Use of the latest technologies based on NON-biological cleaning methods.
Installation of equipment and engineering solutions in the most compact area.